I’m Adam, a software developer and I really like digital arts. I’ve freelanced for a bunch of wild projects. I mostly do web development, occasionally video and music things. I’m the Activities vice-president at the Curtin Student Guild, and I really enjoy event management. Sometimes I DJ at things.

I’ve previously worked as an “IT guy” at the University of Western Australia. I spent a year working with a fintech startup. I’ve worked numerous festival productions. I’ve also volunteered with a handful of univeristy clubs. My favourite two are “Electronic Music Appreciation Society at Curtin” and the “Computer Science Students Association at Curtin”

I can’t really list my web-development projects because y’know, reasons, but you can ask me about them.

You can reach me at ‘me@adamparsons.id.au’ and I’m currently open to taking on more projects.

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