Things I currently host

I like to host my own services for just about anything that I can, instead of using off-the-shelf products, because reasons. I also tend to have a pretty open show of things and like sharing with others, so here’s a list of some cool stuff.

My own DNS servers, while there are plenty of free DNS hosting providers out there, mine are in Sydney and Singapore, both ideal locations for things hosted in Australia.

Various media content servers

I have my own email using my domain name, however because I’m lazy I’m currently using office365 because I grandfathered it in for free once. I’m attempting to set up one on this domain using postfix and dovecot.

I also run various gaming servers from my in-home server, which has a 100/40 fibre connection, appropriately named after the fact that I live in Mandurah, Western Australia. They’re often shut down though as I don’t really play games anymore.

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